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Trust our deep-rooted knowledge for healthy, safe and beautiful trees. Please feel free to contact me and fill out the contact form below.

You can go on b‑Tree Tree Care BV calculate for the regions Antwerp to Brussels. And from Turnhout to Leuven. But also far beyond!

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    If you would like to contact us for an application, please also read our open tree care vacancy.

    Contact info

    Bert Janssens: advisory and executive certified tree manager, team leader and experienced climber.

    Bram: executive arborist, groundsman and experienced climber.

    Wout: executive arborist, groundman and climber.


    b‑Tree Tree Care BV
    Bareelstraat 76A
    2580 Beerzel (Putte)



    Please do not copy the email address from this location, but simply click on it or type it into your email program (spam protection).

    Tree care inspects the twigs and leaves of an oak tree.
    Tree management of an old veteran Robinia pseudoacacia (research - pruning - placing crown anchors - all parts of tree care).
    Tree care of 120-year-old monumental trees by arborists from b-Tree: the trees have been pruned and have received new crown anchors after 30 years.
    Inspection and advice trees - Tomography of an old lime tree
    Continue felling the tree and removing it with a telescopic crane after storm damage, due to wood rot at the base of the trunk.

    Directions to b-Tree Boomverzorging BVBA

    You come from Mechelen (N15)


    From Mechelen follow the N15 towards Heist-op-den-Berg. From “Pasbrug” follow the Putsesteenweg to the traffic lights “De Kroon” in Bonheiden. You now go straight ahead to the roundabout with the R6. Here too, go straight ahead and follow the Mechelbaan to Peulis.

    At the traffic lights in Peulis, go straight ahead to the next lights of Vaatjesstraat. Here you turn right and drive to the roundabout. Now follow Tinstraat to the left.

    At the traffic lights, go straight ahead towards Schriek. After about 1 km you will come to an intersection with a speed bump where you turn left and follow the Booischotbaan. Now turn into the first street on the left, Steenhovenstraat, and follow the first intersection on the right. You are now in Bareelstraat.



    From Lier


    Leave the center of Lier via the N10 (Aarschotsesteenweg) towards Heist-op-den-Berg and Aarschot. Cross the Lier ring (R16) and go straight on via the N10 to the roundabout at Koningshooikt (Van Hool factories). Here you go straight ahead and continue following the N10.

    Also go straight at the next roundabout and follow for 1 km until just before Berlaar-Heikant. At the intersection with the Gangelberg (no traffic lights), turn right and follow the Berlaarbaan towards Putte and Beerzel. After 1,5 km, turn right and follow the Houwstraat until the traffic lights with the N15 or Mechelbaan (road from Heist-op-den-Berg and Putte, Peulis to Bonheiden and Mechelen).

    You now turn right and immediately after 100 meters you turn left into the Augustijnenlei. At the end you turn left and after 200 meters you turn right. You are now in the Steenhovenstraat. After 250 meters turn left and you are in Bareelstraat. Follow Bareelstraat for 300 meters and you will reach your destination at b-Tree Boomverzorging.



    On the way from Leuven


    From Leuven, follow the ring around Leuven (Wilsele side) and follow the N26 or N26a towards the E314/A2 motorway. Take ramp 16 in Herent in the direction of Lummen and Genk. Follow the E314/A2 past Broek, Kessel-Dal, Beneden Kessel, Beneden, Bovenveld until exit 21 in Holsbeek. Take exit 21 and follow the N229 towards Werchter.

    On the N229, go straight ahead at the roundabout before Rotselaar. Continue to follow the N229 until you reach the intersection of Haachtsesteenweg and Nieuwebaan in Werchter. Here you turn right and follow the N21 (Haachtesteenweg/Nieuwebaan) until Tremelo. At the roundabout halfway along the N21, go straight ahead to Tremelo center. At the roundabout when entering Tremelo, go straight ahead. After 300 meters turn left towards Schriek and Heit-op-den-Berg.

    Follow the Schrieksebaan past Grootlo (Heist-op-den-Berg) to the roundabout with the Tuindik and Langstraat. Here you go straight ahead. After 800 meters turn left towards Schriek, Grasheide and Putte and follow the Schriekstraat. Half a kilometer further on, at the roundabout, go straight ahead towards Putte. After 1 km, turn right to the center of Beerzel. Again after 1 km you will find the church on your left. Just past the church, turn left into Bareelstraat. Follow Bareelstraat for 1 km and you will reach your destination at b-Tree Boomverzorging.


    Contact us: b-Tree Boomverzorging in Bareelstraat



    Contact us from Westerlo


    Follow the N19 (De Merodedreef) from the center of Westerlo in the direction of Diest (south). After about 400 meters turn right towards Asberg, Stippelberg and Hulshout. You now follow Koning Leopoldlaan and then Asberg.

    After you have passed the Kwareken domain on your left, turn left and turn into Zoerleberg. After 600 meters you reach the intersection with the N152 (road from Voortkapel and Zoerle-Parwijs) to Snepkens and Herselt. At this intersection, turn left towards Herselt and follow the N152 to the Snepkens roundabout.

    Here you turn right onto the N15 and follow the N15 (Provinciebaan, Heide and Hoogzand) to the center of Westmeerbeek. In Westmeerbeek go straight ahead and follow the N15 (now Stationstraat, Provinciebaan, Westmeerbeeksesteenweg and Dorpstraat) until you reach the center of Booischot. After 500 meters, leave the N15 and turn left into the Mechelbaan, towards Heist-Goor (Heist-op-den-Berg).

    One and a half km further you reach the N10 (road from Aarschot, Begijnendijk and Pijpelheide towards Koningshooikt and Lier). You now turn right towards Koningshooikt and Lier. After 400 meters you come to a roundabout and leave the N10 and turn left towards Heist-Goor. Another 400 meters further you will reach another roundabout and here you take the first right; the Hollandstraat.

    Follow the Hollandstraat for 1 km, until you reach the Achterheide. Now cross Schaliehoevestraat diagonally to the right and follow Hollandstraat again. After 1 km you cross the Koningsbaan in Beerzel and follow the Booischotbaan for 700 meters and then turn right into Steenhovenstraat. At the first intersection you turn right and you are in Bareelstraat. After 300 meters you will find b-Tree Tree Care on your left.

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