Actionable Feedback Policy

b‑Tree Tree Care likes to be in very close contact with its users of the website and wishes them to enjoy an optimal user experience.

That is why we would like to receive your feedback about our website.



Actionable feedback


If you find errors, imperfections, outdated information or have other recommendations as a user in the content of this website, we are open to processing these.

We certainly consider the following matters (not exhaustive) as useful feedback:

  • tree technically incorrect or incorrect information,
  • significant gaps in information,
  • linguistic errors such as sentence constructions and spelling errors,
  • outdated information (scientific or technical),
  • broken links (internal or external),
  • poorly or illegible text,
  • forms that don't work
  • poorly worded information,
  • not working search function,
  • pages that are not displayed (correctly),
  • too long page loading times,
  • user experience of the website.



How do we handle your feedback and recommendations?


The editors of this website thoroughly check the published information. However, errors or imperfections are never completely excluded.

Therefore, when discovering errors, or receiving appropriate feedback or suggestions from users, we will update this information as quickly as possible.

Any feedback, suggestions or requests for corrections received will be thoroughly studied and discussed with external tree care experts before any adjustments are implemented.

You can always forward feedback, suggestions or requests for corrections to info@b‑

However, the editors always reserve the right to make the final decision on whether or not to publish or correct information.



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