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Portrait Bert Janssens, manager of b-Tree Boomverzorging and Certified Tree Manager.

Who is manager and arborist Bert Janssens?

“I have been an outdoorsman since I was a child. My mother had to call me in when my hands and lips were blue – completely numb from the cold. But I loved being outside. I find the contact with nature indescribable.

After my IT training, I worked with heart and soul in a refinery (petrochemical) for 27 years. But I really like being outside and I like physical work. That's why you often found me in the woods in my spare time. And every now and then I cut down a tree for firewood. I soon received requests from family, friends and acquaintances to help them with it pruning of felling trees. "

I then started b-Tree Tree Care and continued to expand it. Both with knowledge and people. We always have vacancies be open.

Who is Bert Janssens from b-Tree Boomverzorging? Certified Tree Manager in actie.
Bert Janssens getting ready to clean up a tree affected by storm damage in Heist-op-den-Berg.
Bert Janssens explains how to safely fell a tree in Putte: checking the direction of fall after sawing the fall notch.

“I'm happiest high up in a tree”

“The contact with nature is priceless.”

One day I saw a tree that I couldn't see sheets. I immediately started training to become an arborist and the tree bug got to me completely.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a 'heavy' person when I get passionate about something.

I followed a battery of courses on climbing and tree care (such as the training ETW or European Tree Worker), and safe chainsaw use (according to the ECS or European Chainsaw Standards).

I also read every book I could get my hands on. Moreover, I sought out experts everywhere in the country, including the Netherlands, to take lessons from: from specialists in fruit trees to mycologists (mushroom experts) and good climbers.

And my hunger for knowledge was never stopped, so that I will start the postgraduate course from September 2021 Tree Manager to the Vives High School I started following. With the intention of greatly expanding my knowledge to complex situations involving trees, problems and challenges Urban Forestry and be prepared for it ETT or European Tree Technician exam. It was a real job. Being intensely busy and studying up to three days a week.

In the meantime, I can say with some pride that I graduated with distinction Certified Tree Manager.

In addition to building knowledge, I also like to share knowledge with my customers, employees and interns. Or give an explanation Nature point. That is satisfying and also pays off. You also always learn something yourself.

Because I like to stay in touch with fellow tree care providers and am committed to achieving a high-quality and large tree stock in Flanders in the long term, I have become a member of the non-profit organization Better Manage Trees, where I now serve as treasurer as a board member. And here's all I can do recommend that you become a member yourself. And a lot of current knowledge is shared, including about the effect of trees on climate change.

We also have one tree care vacancy open to inquisitive and driven people.

“The more knowledge I gathered, the more I started to care about trees, because I saw how much trees are tampered with.”

Tree care or tree surgery is much more than chop trees. You need knowledge and insight. You need to know how the tree is constructed physiologically, morphologically and mechanically. Otherwise you will make mistakes.

To correctly assess a tree with mold or fungus and a good one inspection or VTA control To carry it out, you need to know something about mycology. Because different mushrooms have a different effect: is it a parasite or not?

That's why I want to know everything and gather as much know-how as possible. To take even better care of each subsequent tree.

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