Garden maintenance with respect for trees: by installing a tree mirror you prevent mowing damage to the tree roots during garden maintenance

Maximum respect for the trees during garden maintenance


Maintain the garden with maximum respect for trees and their growing areas


Trees are valuable and majestic elements in our gardens. In addition to providing shade, oxygen and beauty, they play a crucial role in supporting biodiversity and promoting a healthy ecosystem. That's why b‑Tree Tree Care also carries out garden maintenance, but with maximum respect for the trees. Which is unfortunately not always the case with others; We know that because of the formatting commands tree assessments and damage assessments that we receive.

When maintaining our gardens it is essential to respect the needs of the trees and ensure they can thrive to their full potential. On this page we will discuss some important practices and tips to carry out maintenance in the garden. This with maximum care and respect for trees and their growing places. This way you maintain your beautiful and healthy trees, also in the long term. Also with lower maintenance costs for your trees in the long term.



Knowledge of tree species, knowing what is most important for each tree species


It all starts with knowledge about the tree species in your garden. Each type of tree has unique needs and growth requirements. Gather information about each tree's specific traits, growth patterns and requirements. This way you can better tailor maintenance to their individual needs.



Protection of tree roots during maintenance of your garden


Tree roots are critical to their health and stability. Avoid heavy construction, paving or compaction of the soil in the crown projection of trees and in the root zone of trees. This can damage the roots and will disrupt the supply of water, oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, always carry out your garden maintenance with respect for the trees and, for example, use road plates, or carry out certain maintenance work manually instead of using large, heavy machines.



Garden maintenance with respect for the trees: prevent all types of mowing damage


When you mow your lawn and there are visible superficial tree roots in the lawn, do not mow this area. You often see that superficial tree roots in the lawn are severely damaged (bark removed and part of the root cut away). These damages are infection gates for all kinds of infections; for fungi, bacteria and viruses. By skipping the kiss, you prevent problems later.

In addition, it is best that you use a string mower or brush cutter, which is already used to clear tree branches at the root of the tree from grass or other vegetation, correctly. If you cut through the bark of the tree with a brush cutter or string mower, and then possibly damage the cambium over a large section, it is quite possible that the tree will die. Because the sap flow is then interrupted and the tree can no longer fulfill its life processes.



Limit digging and earthworks and ensure tree protection during these works


When working in the garden, avoid unnecessary digging around trees. Each root system is essential to the tree. Digging too deep or digging too close to the tree will damage the roots and possibly compromise the mechanical stability of the tree. For example, if excavation works were to take place within the BVZ (tree anchorage zone).

Think about one in time tree protection plan when you are going to work near a tree. Especially larger trees, their roots can reach very far and often remain quite thick, even at a great distance from the trunk.



Provide adequate watering


Provide regular and deep watering of trees, especially during dry periods. Trees need a lot of water to stay healthy. The warmer or hotter it is, or the more dry northerly or northeasterly winds there are, even in winter when it does not rain, the more water trees evaporate through their leaves. And when the water supply is not sufficient from the soil and root, the tree comes into drought stress. A good watering system that reaches the root zone is crucial for optimal growth.

And it is therefore important that the trees receive water on time. To be sure of this, b‑Tree Tree Care installs soil moisture sensors in the root balls of one or more trees to monitor them, just as we do with well drainage. If a tree is in danger of becoming drought stressed, we become alarmed and take action.



Use organic mulch, wood chippings or tree bark


Mulch in the tree's crown projection, even several feet beyond, helps maintain soil moisture, avoids direct sun exposure, suppresses weeds and adds nutrients to the soil as the mulch slowly breaks down. Make sure the mulch layer is not too thick. And the mulch does not reach the trunk of the tree. Otherwise, rotting of the bark and trunk may occur over time.

In this way, by protecting the trees from drought and by providing them with more moisture, applying a mulch layer is also garden maintenance that respects the trees.



If pruning is necessary, prune professionally and according to the rules of the art


Prune trees with care and only if necessary. Remove dead wood and crossing branches to reduce the risk of disease and promote healthy crown development and growth. Contact us if professional arborist If necessary. And certainly let us know pruning large trees. In a correct manner and with the desired final image.



Do not fertilize trees, but provide them with the right slow-degrading organic material


Do not use fertilizers to feed trees, especially chemical fertilizers. Instead, use compost and developed organic matter. This properly provides the trees with essential nutrients without harmful chemicals, which greatly supports soil life (as Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis write in their book “Teaming with Microbes – The organic gardeners guide to The soil food web"), and in turn the trees and plants. You could say it corresponds to a growth site improvement for the trees.



Inspect for pests and diseases and take appropriate measures


Monitor the trees regularly for signs of disease or pests. Early detection can help resolve problems before they become serious. If you are unsure about something you see on your tree, and you are not sure what it is, let us know then inspect the tree thoroughly. You get from our certified tree manager certainly the very best tree technical advice.



Garden maintenance with respect for the trees: respect the habitat they provide


Trees provide a home to many species of animals and insects. Leave dead branches and wood near the tree if it does not pose a danger to property, people or animals. This provides habitat and food for various animals. By not clearing branches and wood during garden maintenance with respect for the trees, you support biodiversity in your garden. More soil fungi, more soil life, ….

Even if you a tree must be felled or heavily pruned because it is too dangerous; then also consider the ecological felling. Whereby the highest possible piece of trunk remains standing. But the entire crown has been removed anyway. This ensures that the danger has been removed, but the piece of upright trunk can still serve as an ecological habitat. It contributes to the climate-adaptive garden with more biodiversity.



Professional tree care provider such as b‑Tree Tree Care


If you are unsure about the maintenance or health of your trees, please consult us and our certified tree manager give you as professional arborist best tree technical advice. We can help you identify problems and provide you with expert advice to keep your trees healthy.

Read more about which one benefits you have if you choose b-Tree Tree Care.



Garden maintenance with respect for your trees


Garden maintenance with maximum respect for your trees and their growing areas is crucial to maintain the trees' health and beauty. By paying attention to their specific needs, giving them plenty of water, applying organic mulch and the pruning trees correctly, you can ensure that your trees flourish and provide a home for various life forms in your garden.

Respecting the natural habitat and enabling b‑Tree as your professional tree care professional, will ensure that your trees are a valuable and lasting addition to your outdoor space.



Contact us for garden maintenance with respect for the trees


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