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The tree technical advisor or tree expert Bert Janssens from b-Tree Boomverzorging helped supervise the pruning work of the old monumental Prunus.
The tree technical advisor from b-Tree Tree Care supervised the pruning work on the old monumental Prunus.
Tree care inspects the twigs and leaves of an oak tree.
Tree technical advisor or tree expert Bert Janssens from b-Tree Tree Care inspects the twigs and leaves of an oak tree.

Tree technical advisor, expert when it comes to trees

As a tree expert or tree technical advisor, you provide answers to all possible tree technical questions and issues. Such as challenges with integrating trees into your projects and problems with existing trees.

The tree expert will give you the right tree technical or tree expert advice advice.

So you can contact him for all matters that have anything to do with trees. Such as technical advice in legal matters or disputes, lawsuits, growth problems, designing sustainable growth places and you name it.

A tree technical advisor or tree expert not only has knowledge about the tree species and its areas of application. But also know how a tree lives, functions and grows. And what problems he may face during his different phases of life. And how a specific tree or tree stock can best be managed.

If something is wrong, he examines the tree with the most suitable means. In order to gain insight into what may be happening. Because all research methods and resources are not equally suitable for detecting every problem. So a tree technical advisor will also know what to do there.

He also knows a lot about the legal rules and legislation regarding trees. That is a separate matter. But very applicable for legal tree-technical advice in disputes or (preferably) mediations.

Organization and organizational structures when it comes to managing a large and extensive tree stock are also among the skills of our tree expert.

You can therefore count on well-thought-out tree-technical advice for many tree-related matters, in which we always use our expertise ethical values to hold in high regard.




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Tree expert or tree technical advisor has knowledge in many areas


Sometimes people think “Oops, this tree is hanging crooked, that's dangerous”. But that's not why. It is not what is often told about trees that it is all correct.

Our tree technical advisor or tree expert is trained in the field of trees and everything related to them. Both in the field of physiological processes that take place in a tree. As mechanical processes that affect a tree. Also about the quality of the growing area. And all the soil life that takes place there. And how these affect the life and well-being of the tree are part of his skills.

Knowledge about the different life stages of a tree is also part of his knowledge. And the developments that take place in the crown during these different phases of life. In other words, anything crown architecture regarding.

Because these things are important to be able to judge whether the condition and vitality of the tree deviate from normal or not at all. Below is an example.



Example life stage of tree that does not match its characteristics

Why a tree expert has good knowledge about the life stages of a tree and the crown architecture of trees needs, the following example clarifies.

If a young tree of 10 years old already has veteran characteristics, such as dying branches and hollows, which is perfect for a young tree. Then his condition is not good. And it does not correspond to the condition you would normally expect from a young tree. The young tree then has the characteristics of a tree in its final phase. As a tree technical advisor, you know that the young tree has only limited life expectancies.

On the other hand, like an old tree of 200 years, in addition to some decay and cavities, it is also young orthotropic water shoots (young, upright shoots), it is clear that vital parts are still present. And the tree therefore still has future prospects. Here, a tree technical advisor knows that it is a vital veteran tree that can be preserved for years to come, provided that it is properly managed.

It may be short and quick. But it gives an idea of ​​why this knowledge is so important to provide the right tree expert advice.



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Fungi, mushrooms and soil life


In addition to physiological and mechanical processes that take place in trees, our tree expert or tree technical advisor knows that fungi and mushrooms cannot be separated from each other. And how important soil life is.

The presence of fungi on and around a tree tells a lot about the tree. Some mushrooms are parasitic fungi and they indicate accelerated deterioration of the tree. Others are mycorrhiza-forming symbionts and support the trees in their growth, well-being and defense against attackers.

The soil itself is teeming with saprophytes, fungi that decompose wood. And with their fungal threads (or hyphae) they supply the trees with moisture and nutrients through their roots. These fungi are part of the soil food web. Which also includes bacteria and microbes. They are attracted to the substances that the tree roots secrete.

Because the soil life and the soil food web are so important for a tree, a tree technical advisor also recognizes soil disturbances. Such as soil compaction, wetting, lack of oxygen or structural problems in the soil. Because these disturbances destroy the soil food web. And therefore have a very bad effect on the growing conditions of trees. They threaten the trees and can even cause them to die.


A parasitic fungus, the resin fungus or Ganoderma resinaceum, on the base of an American oak.

A parasitic fungus, the resin fungus or Ganoderma resinaceum, on the base of an American oak. Ready knowledge from our tree expert.


It is all connected in nature: tree, fungi and soil. The tree technical advisor must understand the cooperation or disruption between the elements in order to make the right decision advice to be able to give.



What can you consult a tree technical advisor for?


There are many matters for which a tree technical advisor can assist you. Literally tree-wise, about tree safety, construction, but also in legal matters about trees. Such as situations with overhanging branches. Or trees that are too tall and that people ask you to top.

Especially in the field of tree protection, drafting a tree test and / or a Tree Effect Analysis you can call on us.

These are very specific matters, often in the context of project development, where the right choices must be made in preserving trees and how to protect them. So you first attach them to a thorough and extensive tree test must submit.



Tree safety is a priority for our tree technical advisor


If you have questions about the safety of a tree, you have certainly come to the right place. Tree safety is the issue that always comes first. You always want to prevent an accident with a tree. So that there is never any damage. Nor do people get involved.

A tree technical advisor inspects trees on many parameters. According to the VTA methodology and will judge whether or not a tree exhibits mechanical or physiological defects. This allows the tree to be assessed for safety. And whether the tree could cause damage in the near future or not.

A tree technical advisor also takes into account the hazards in the area surrounding the tree. It is clear that a defective tree in the middle of a forest, where there is no footpath nearby, represents a much smaller risk of accidents than the same tree in the middle of a busy village square.



Assistance with legal files, mediation discussions, disputes and lawsuits


Hopefully, of course, it never has to get to that point. But if there are disagreements, it is very important that correct information is provided in the file. That makes it more acceptable, plausible and predictable for all parties involved.

There are many myths about trees. You can't blame it. Only in recent decades has a great deal of knowledge about trees been acquired from long-term research, which is only now becoming available.

As a tree technical advisor in a legal file b‑Tree Tree Care always advice based on on-site research and on the basis of scientifically supported articles, reference works and renowned books.

There are both management and good regulations for it planting en creating growing areas for trees, many solid standards have been written. Which are generally accepted in Flanders in the sector tree care, right up to the governments.

Also read about us ethical policy so that you know what our values ​​are.


Print screen of the cover page of a tree technical advice report in a legal dispute, drawn up by our tree expert or tree technical advisor.

Print screen of the cover page of a tree technical advice report in a legal dispute, drawn up by our tree expert or tree technical advisor.



The tree technical advice report


Our tree technical reports are therefore very structured and fully substantiated. No nonsense so to speak. And we often see completely different things passing by. It is often easy for us to refute this in a well-substantiated way if there was some fantasy on the other side.

The reports are always drawn up by certified tree manager Bert Janssens. Who, if there are mediation discussions, can participate to explain the technical matters as a tree expert and the right thing to do tree advice to give.



What can you expect in our reports


First, we have an extensive conversation with the client. So that we get a good overview of the situation. And what is expected of us, and what added value we can offer.

In our reports we always provide an explanation of why the assignment was given and to which questions answers are expected.

In addition to the inventory with a clear plan and indications, we often conduct historical research into the plot or the trees themselves. Relief maps, summer and winter images, nature and environmental maps and other maps can also be part of the report. Our tree expert also often makes a synthesis map. For example, to clarify the extent of the tree crown in relation to the property boundary.

Condition, vitality, specific defects or properties, soil properties and growing conditions are part of the inventory data. And based on the measurements in the field, the data is compared to the relevant standards. All data will then be neat, usable and visually clear in tables or diagrams.

Appraisal values ​​of the trees can be part of our report as a preventative measure. Depending on where a file could possibly end up. You better be well prepared. But after first discussing everything clearly with the clients.


The conclusion of our tree expert is substantiated, witty and powerful


When explaining the answers to the questions and the tree technical advice itself, it is clearly stated why a particular choice was made. And on the basis of which information or scientific work this answer or tree technical advice is supported.

Our conclusions are also clearly substantiated. But also separate and briefly summarized. For those who don't have the time to read the entire report. And yet you want to quickly grasp the essence.

Our tree expert does this in a structured manner, without losing sight of the assignment, powerful and visually clear.


We hope to provide a lot more clarity about what you can consult us as a tree expert or tree technical advisor.


And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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