How do you ensure a beautiful garden that is easy to maintain?


10 Effective tips for a low-maintenance garden


Everyone loves a beautiful garden. However, there is sometimes a lack of time or resources to properly maintain the garden. Don't worry, there are many effective tips to keep or make a garden maintenance-friendly. And if this is not the case in your garden, do not hesitate to implement some tips. Because you will soon see the return. b-Tree Tree Care is happy to assist you with advice or with the implementation of your plans. We can also clean up your garden with any overdue maintenance, so that you can get back to work from then on.



1 – Choose native plants

Native plant species are adapted to local conditions and generally require less care and water. They also support biodiversity by attracting beneficial insects and animals.



2 – Mulch, wood chips or tree bark between your plants; improve your soil and limit weeding during your garden maintenance


Applying a layer of mulch around plants and elsewhere on the soil helps retain moisture, reduce weed growth and regulate soil temperature. Organic mulches, such as wood chips and/or compost, also improve soil quality over time.

Dense borders and beds to prevent direct sunlight on the soil, with mulch in between as a soil improver and to combat weeds, all for a low-maintenance garden.

Dense borders and beds to prevent direct sunlight on the soil, with mulch in between as a soil improver and against weeds, all for a maintenance-friendly garden.



3 – Xeriscaping


Consider xeriscaping, a garden design technique that revolves around water conservation and drought-tolerant plants. By choosing the right plants and irrigating smartly, you can significantly reduce water consumption.



4 – Provide rainwater collection, multiple benefits at the same time


Install rain barrels or a sufficiently large rainwater well to collect rainwater for reuse when watering your garden. Rainwater is natural and rich in nutrients, making it ideal for plant growth.



5 – Limit lawns, they take up a large portion of your garden maintenance budget


Reduce the size of the lawn and replace parts of it with flowery borders or native plant areas. Lawns require a lot of maintenance (mowing, scarifying, liming, etc.) and water, while flowery borders can be a source of food and habitat for insects such as pollinators and other animals. Maintaining the lawn is a large part of total garden maintenance.



6 – Choose perennials


Perennials return year after year and usually require less maintenance than annuals. They can propagate themselves and help fill the garden with colorful flowers.



7 – Use ground covers for less garden maintenance


Ground covers such as creeping thyme, sedums, Vinca or ground cover grasses can suppress weeds, maintain soil moisture and look attractive at the same time.

Native planting (oakleaf hydrangea) for ground cover, with mulch layer in between.

Native planting (oakleaf hydrangea) for ground cover, with mulch layer in between. It prevents the soil from drying out and ensures a maintenance-friendly garden.



8 – Natural pest control


Incorporate things like flowery borders to encourage natural pest control methods into your garden. Beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and parasitic wasps, which each have their preferred host plants, can help control insect pests without the use of pesticides. And the more diverse flowering plants present in your garden, the more diverse insects will be present. And the smaller the chance of a pest or attack on your plants and trees.



9 – Create habitats


Create various habitats in your garden, such as birdhouses, bee hotels or a small pond. This attracts different animals and promotes biodiversity.



10 – Minimalist design or simplify your garden for less garden maintenance


Choose a minimalist garden design with cleaner lines and simple shapes. This can not only give a contemporary look, but also minimize maintenance.



Extra tip: ensure that beds are densely planted as soon as possible


If you plant all the soil, and therefore there is no longer any bare topsoil, you will greatly suppress the development of weeds. This makes your garden extra maintenance-friendly.


By applying these tips you can create a beautiful garden that requires little maintenance, is friendly to the climate and is a thriving oasis of biodiversity.



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