b‑Tree Tree care is passion. And drive.

Both for the trees and their environment


We are driven and passionate tree care professionals.

Wherever we climb, prune or plant, we strive for radiant and vital trees. We cannot let go of perfection.

And manager Bert Janssens, Certified Tree Manager, always longs for better and more sustainable tree management. Towards more quality trees and greenery. Where the ecological sustainability and biodiversity come first.

Because we know that this pays off in the long term. Both for the tree, the customer, and our climate.



First we listen, then we investigate, and only then we advise


We ask our customers what they want and expect. Or what problems there are.

Then we investigate and find out everything. This gives us an accurate view of every situation. Only then will we give ourselves the best and most adapted sustainable advice.

Our working method consists of first listening carefully to what the customer has to say and what the questions and expectations are. We will then discuss the options with the tree owner. Depending on the status of the trees and the expected result.

An inventory of the trees, determining the condition and vitality of the trees and the quality of the growing area are always included in advice. It is very well explained why a certain advice is given. So that you fully understand why some things are or are not advised.

We always act based on the long-term well-being of the trees. Taking into account the environmental factors and feasibility study. Everything is well-considered and never “quick and fast”. This will save on costs afterwards. Also in the long term.



Thorough consultation with the customer, then implementation


After thorough coordination and consultation with the customer, we start implementation. Always safe, neat and according to plan. Because we attach great importance to these matters at b-Tree Tree Care.



We work according to the rules of the art and according to plan


We only work according to the rules of art. And we have a large network of specialists. This allows us to carry out the work correctly and with a lot of substantiated knowledge. Always according to a structured plan of action that is determined in advance.



And we test again and again


Want to look at what we made? We always do this.

Trees are living things. And only by learning to read them and doing research again can you achieve results. And we make adjustments if necessary.

We have already saved and revitalized several monumental and veteran trees. Where others would have felled them. We are very proud of this.

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