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Tree care of 120-year-old monumental trees by arborists from b-Tree: the trees have been pruned and have received new crown anchors after 30 years.
Tree management of an old veteran Robinia pseudoacacia (research - pruning - placing crown anchors - all parts of tree care).
Tree felling with telescopic crane: dismantling very large branches and crown parts
Improvement of the red beech location in the park garden
Planting large trees in an existing row.
Tree advice - install a mechanical crown anchor to prevent crown parts from breaking out. Park garden in Heist-op-den-Berg.
Inspection and advice trees - Tomography of an old lime tree

Why choose b-Tree Tree Care?

The right advice because of extensive knowledge and know-how

Why should you choose b-Tree Tree Care? Knowledge. Know-how. Reliability.

And above all, a lot of passion.

  • Experience: b-Tree has been active since 2012, initially as a sole proprietorship.
  • Knowledge: certified tree manager.
  • Professional: structured, follow-up, planning, communication, logging, discreet.
  • Solution-oriented: we listen, investigate, analyze and provide advice and implementation.
  • Gardens: we feed garden maintenance with respect for the treesso that they do not suffer any damage.
  • Optimizing your garden maintenance: With our often simple tips you will save on maintenance, because we make your garden easier to maintain if you wish.
  • Solutions depending on the climate: we advise you so that your garden more climate adaptive and you can make the choices, also for the long term.

We also make the right choices pruning, sheets of growth site improvement. Because that is not always clear.

That's why we start advice and ours pruning works always with a thorough tree analysis. And we listen carefully to the customer. We will of course take your wishes into account as much as possible.

And because of our knowledge we offer the best long-term solution. As arborists, we monitor the well-being of your trees. But also listen carefully to your wishes.

Reliable and safe work, especially when felling and pruning large trees

Our work is to deliver quality and yours and ours safety to guarantee.

In addition to quality and expertise, safety is our top priority. 

Especially when you work with the chainsaw between falling branches and dangerous trees. That's why you can rely on us FULL VCA certificate, our ECC certificates and not to forget all our certificates of competence. Because felling trees en pruning requires professional knowledge and skills.

And as arborist we know and can do better for you pruning hedges, especially if they have overdue pruning.

To give you a glimpse of the veil, you can see that we are extensively prepared to provide a... tree safely felled.

Sustainable tree management and forest management

We have a “heart for wood”. A high-quality, healthy and reliable tree stock is our goal.

We develop a well-thought-out medium and long-term vision for all trees, which you use as a guideline tree management finds.

That pays off for both you and nature. Today, but also in 10, 20 and 50 years.

VTA and MTA knowledge is crucial to be able to develop a well-thought-out long-term vision as a tree care professional. Also the certification up to tree manager contributes significantly to the valuable and high-quality tree care work that b-Tree delivers every day.

Why choose b-Tree Tree Care? Expert and available across a large region

Neat work with expert knowledge. In other words: top quality and controlled by tree manager.

Trust us expert advice and craftsmanship for reliable and healthy trees. That is why we work as arborists with respect for nature and our customers. And we will leave your garden, park or green area neat and tidy. For example, we remove all your wood waste or process it professionally. In addition, we blow the last bit of wood out of your beautiful lawn. So you don't even see that we worked there.

Our certified tree manager Bert Janssens manages everything, as tree expert, of what happens every day in the field.


Well-oiled team of arborists.

Our strong, passionate team with knowledge and experience. That is the core of our tree care. And because we are perfectly attuned to each other, almost everything goes without saying. And with a smile. Manager Bert is the driving force here. Who ensures every tree job runs smoothly. With his big, green heart and his iron security policy. Furthermore, you can rest assured that our b-Tree team and tree surgeon Bert will carry out all work down to the last detail. Even pruning hedges and the making your garden maintenance-friendly.


Above all, we are available across a large region.

Our team of arborists is available throughout the provinces of Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Brussels. Just like in the Leuven and Turnhout area.

Despite the different regions where we work, we take the different regulations into account. Especially regarding the felling of trees. The regulations for the city Antwerp and surroundings for example, is different than before Brussels and the edge cities. Leuven, for example, also has other regulations regarding the felling of trees.


Where can you see b-Tree Tree Care at work?

In the regions of Putte, Beerzel, Grasheide, Heist-op-den-Berg, Rijmenam, Boortmeerbeek, Bonheiden, turning mountains en Tremelo you can regularly see us at work. We also often work far beyond, such as in Antwerp and Brussels. Because our skills are already well known.

If you would like information, do not hesitate, stop suddenly and ask us directly on the spot.

Tree care with the best advice, growth site improvement, pruning, VTA control, ...

b‑Tree Tree Care takes care of happy trees from the roots to the crown. With the deeply rooted knowledge, also about fungi and mushrooms or fungi and the best climbing and rope techniques we can offer you always solve the problem.

You will receive it from us best advice and therefore the best long-term result for your garden or park. This allows you to enjoy your tree heritage even more every day. That is the most important.

So don't hesitate to contact us contact. Because the living monuments in your garden and their surroundings deserve the best concerns.


Tree care starts with tree advice, VTA inspection, inspection or tree valuation (tree valuation). We then determine the right strategy together with you.


Plant a tree or transplant, growth site improvement or site improvement. The specialization of Tree Care b-Tree.

Pruning – felling

Felling or felling trees, pruning and cleaning up storm damage in the most difficult places. Where it stops for others, we deliver the neatest work in tree care.

Honey fungus, important knowledge for an arborist

In tree care, knowledge about fungi cannot be ignored. Here you can see one real honey fungus at the bottom of the trunk of a white birch. The honey fungus is a parasitic fungus that attacks the tree and will cause the tree to die.

It used to be a tree surgeon, now a tree surgeon

In addition, the old tree surgery no secrets for arborist Bert and his team. Because things that were less good had happened there. We now know better about tree care. Much has been learned from experiments in earlier tree surgery.

Finally, a tree is very valuable. Both for the environment and ecologically. Just like for the view and the tranquility.

Certainly your tree heritage is valuable.

Read more about what tree care is and what the difference is with previous tree surgery.

De living monuments finally create the image of your garden. And you don't want to let them go under parasitic fungal infections.

Therefore, choose only professional competence and do not hesitate to contact us without obligation contact and our expertise advice to ask.

For example, making too large a pruning wound can cause a serious parasitic fungal infection after years. This could cause you to lose the tree in the long term. In the photos below you can see some examples.


Some examples of what mistakes can lead to in tree care

Mycelium felts sulfur fungus - important knowledge for an arborist

You will see several white lines in the sawing plane. These are the mycelial felts or the mycelium of the parasitic sulfur fungus. As a result, the wood no longer has any mechanical strength. As a tree care professional, this is important to know. As a skilled tree care professional, we also know how to prevent such damage as much as possible on healthy trees when they need to be pruned.



Detail mycelium of sulfur fungus on sweet chestnut. An arborist's knowledge of fungi

The trunk of this sweet chestnut is affected by a parasitic fungus that causes brown rot. Between the annual rings you will see the mycelium felts (the mycelium or fungus of the parasitic fungus) that, as it were, pushes the wood apart. As a result, the mechanical strength of the trunk completely disappears over time and breakage will occur. And this can sometimes happen quickly. Such as, for example, a tinder fungus or sulfur fungus.

A day of felling and pruning trees by b-Tree Tree Care

And the yard is neatly finished and tidied up after chopping the branches

Arborist b-Tree specializes in difficult trees. Also clearing storm damage and other tree work

There is no tree too high. And no job is too tough for our team.

We use all specialized equipment. Advanced climbing and catching techniques have no secrets for us. This way we can handle every tree efficiently and safely pruning of grub.

After all, as for felling or pruning de telescopic crane of aerial work platform If we cannot reach it, we as arborists are happy to do the job for you by climbing. Fast and safe!

Also for cleaning up storm damage you can count on us. And this, above all, in a large region. From Antwerp via Turnhout and Leuven to Brussels. Call us and we will certainly do everything possible. To help you out of an emergency as quickly as possible.

Safety and passion go together perfectly in tree care. Especially with the b-Tree team

Safety work and the health of the tree are always priorities at b-Tree.

b-Tree is passionate about tree care. For all trees and their environment. Both at advice, location improvementsheets, planting as research.

You can count on all our tree works and tree care in the Antwerp area, Greater Leuven, Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant. Just like the area around Brussels and Turnhout.

Who is Bert Janssens?

Climbing arborist in tree.

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