Tree protection plan for working around trees

Welcome to our web page about the tree protection plan to protect trees on the construction site or other construction sites.

We describe what our tree protection plan includes. From all preliminary investigations and effective measures. Until completion of the works and aftercare for the trees. To maximize the long-term preservation of existing trees.

Our tree protection plan describes in detail all the steps required throughout the entire period of the works.



Why a tree protection plan?


An effective tree protection plan is crucial to ensure the long-term well-being and conservation of trees. Because both above-ground and underground damage to the trees must be prevented.

Trees are an essential part of our living environment.

They provide shade, purify the air, promote biodiversity. And contribute to the aesthetic character of cities, villages and residential environments.

The importance of protecting and caring for existing trees is increasingly clear. Especially when you are going to carry out work near trees.

And then you simply need a tree protection plan. Because there are always many parties involved. Such as the client, contractor, utility companies, ground worker, landscaper, and so on.

And everyone must know what is allowed, what is not allowed and what must be done, to prevent damage.



What is a tree protection plan?


A tree protection plan is a strategic plan. This is designed to preserve, protect and manage existing trees within a specific area. Such as a city, park, building site, source drainage zone, or nature reserve. And to ensure the trees' health, safety and growth opportunities. Despite possible threats such as construction work, diseases, pests, or other human activities.

A tree protection plan includes investigations and measures. These must be taken to ensure that trees can thrive and not suffer damage. Even in the midst of all the human activities and changing circumstances that a construction site or construction project entails.



Involve us in your project as early as possible. Then we can have the most impact.

And we can save you the most money.

We can also do the most for the healthy maintenance of existing trees.



What does our tree protection plan consist of?


Inventory, tree inspection and diagnosis

First, thorough tree inspections are carried out by our qualified arborists. They form the basis of the tree protection plan.

This includes both identifying and inventorying all existing trees. And also possibly the locations that offer opportunities to plant new trees.

The condition, size and any defects of the existing trees, such as diseases, structural problems, fungal attacks and the like, are noted. We also take into account other health issues that affect the trees' future prospects. We also carry one picus sound tomography if further investigation is necessary.

In addition we determine the value of the trees. This one tree appraisal serves as a baseline measurement in case damage does occur.


Determining the tree protection zones and tree anchorage zone

We define both the protection zones and the tree anchorage zone based on the tree inventory. Which we indicate on the map.

The tree protection zone is the zone around the trees that you will protect to prevent physical damage during work near the trees. This zone takes into account the root zone and the space trees need to grow without restrictions.

The tree anchorage zone is the minimum root zone that a tree needs to never experience stability problems. Roots should never be pruned within this zone. Otherwise, the tree may experience mechanical instability.


Assessment against the project and feasibility

Afterwards we make a synthesis map of the inventory plans and the construction plans. In this way we identify possible problems where trees and structures come into conflict with each other.

This is still mainly a desktop study. Of course, with data from the field of inventory and construction plans.

The effective tree protection plan also takes into account the surrounding environment, such as buildings, roads, water and infrastructure.


Root examination and investigation of rooting pattern

Because work is always being done in the ground when a building is erected, you need to know where tree roots are located and how big they are.

You are not allowed to prune large tree roots and their presence determines the construction plan.

We prune smaller diameter roots preventively, just like when pruning the crown, so that new fine roots can form. This allows the tree to adapt to the new situation in a timely manner.

We protect the tree's underground growth space to prevent root problems and disturbances in the soil.


Pruning plans

Because branches above ground often get in the way of erecting the building, or because machines must be able to work, it is pruning the crown sometimes necessary. We describe this pruning in detail, and we take care of its execution expertly.


Management strategies

We carefully put all the different management strategies on paper. And these depend on the condition and needs of each individual tree.

It is:


Water management

Specifically for projects with source drainage, we examine how far the sphere of influence of the drainage extends. And based on the rooting pattern in the soil, we will water and monitor the trees.

Both too little and too much water are harmful to the trees. The water management plan describes how to ensure that the trees receive the correct amount of water at the right time.


Sensitization or awareness

We create awareness within the local community about the importance of trees and how they, as residents, can contribute to the tree protection plan. We organize educational moments, possibly together with the city or client, to inform people about the plans and the choices made.

This helps in accepting and dealing with the changes that a project brings.


Regular evaluation and adjustment

A tree protection plan is dynamic, we monitor it and regularly adjust it after evaluations during the works. Due to changing circumstances, changes in condition of trees, weather conditions or the structures themselves, it is important to respond and intervene in a timely manner. So that the tree protection plan remains effective and achieves its purpose.

Follow-up is done by our tree manager who discusses everything with the parties involved and reports.

Tree monitoring in the tree protection plan

Regular monitoring of the health of the trees is essential to be able to intervene early in case of any problems. This includes observing leaf color, leaf drop, branch death and other signs of possible stress. By taking proactive measures, such as intervening on the irrigation, the source drainage, growth site improvements, or the tree protection zone, we reduce problems before they become more serious.



Technological innovations that help with tree protection plans


Through subcontracting we have access to modern technologies, such as LIDAR 3D scanners, drones and ground penetrating radar or ground radar, to collect accurate data about the tree and its rooting pattern.

This data can then be analyzed in the context of the project and the feasibility of solutions.



Legal obligations often require a tree protection plan


Due to zoning plans and permit requirements, it is often necessary to draw up a tree protection plan. Because the existing trees must be preserved as much as possible.

Sometimes it is possible to make well-founded adjustments to building designs in order to preserve trees. Which is valuable for both the environment and the aesthetic aspect of the environment.



Economic benefits of a tree protection plan


In addition to ecological and aesthetic benefits, well-maintained trees with a future perspective also provide economic benefits.

Trees increase property values, reduce energy costs through shade and reduce flooding by absorbing rainwater and stormwater runoff.

A well-thought-out tree protection plan with good underground growth site design can therefore indirectly contribute to the local economy.



Collaboration with our certified tree manager and other experts


A tree protection plan requires collaboration with qualified arborists and other experts.

Knowledge about the physiological functioning of trees, the needs of trees to allow them to develop and the options for protecting them, lead to a sustainable end result.

Our certified tree manager works together with architects, engineers, landscape architects and ecologists. Their insights and knowledge together contribute to a sustainable approach to trees.



Future perspective


As urban areas grow and the impact of climate change increases, an effective tree protection plan becomes increasingly important. The conservation of trees is not only a task for the government, but also for individuals and organizations. With a collective effort, we can keep our cities green and secure the many benefits of trees for generations to come.

A well-thought-out tree protection plan is invaluable for preserving our precious trees. Through careful inspections, appropriate treatments and awareness of their environment, we can ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy them.

A well-executed tree protection plan goes further than just preserving individual trees. It contributes to a healthy living environment, promotes biodiversity, beautifies our environment and contributes to the quality of our lives.

It is our responsibility to preserve and nurture the beauty and functionality of trees, and with a well-thought-out tree conservation plan we can successfully accomplish this mission.

A good tree protection plan combines scientific knowledge, technical expertise and local insights to provide a balanced approach. Which benefit both the trees and the environment.

It is important to work with all skilled trades and communities to develop and implement a successful plan.



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