Tree advice, installing a mechanical crown anchor to prevent crown parts from breaking out.

Tree advice

Expert tree advice, scientifically substantiated


Welcome to b‑Tree Tree Care, the source of expertise tree advice for all your tree care needs. You will receive tree technical advice from us about both solitary trees and an entire tree population.

We also provide tree advice for both tree technical solutions such as: growth site constructions, as tree technical advice in legal files.

We understand that trees are not only beautiful natural elements, but also valuable assets, including for our environment and our society.

That is why we believe it is important to take care of their well-being and health.

And that is exactly where our passion and expertise come into play.

We believe that every piece of greenery has a unique history, and every tree tells its own story.

That is why correct tree advice is very important to us.



Example case tree advice for rigid crown anchors


Tree advice, installing a mechanical crown anchor to prevent crown parts from breaking out.

Example of tree advice on replacing old rigid crown anchors consisting of steel cables.


Replacing the rigid crown anchors with new rigid crown anchors (photo), but mounted higher in the crown and with sanding belts is a possible solution.

And with sanding bands, so that the crown anchors do not damage the bark of the tree.

However, what would certainly be wrong tree advice is to replace them with more modern dynamic crown anchors. Because the thickness growth of the trunk parts has been insufficient in the previous thirty years, precisely because of these rigid crown anchors. And the trunk parts can break in stormy weather.

Here we see that, with regard to tree advice, we regret that sometimes mistakes are made.

And this is not even without security risks.





Our dedicated tree care experts and certified tree manager Bert Janssens are there to guide you through every step of the process. Whether you have a single tree in your backyard or manage a vast forest.

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge about the physiology, morphology and ecology of trees, and pests and diseases, disease control, and conservation, we are ready to help you make informed decisions.

To support and improve the health and vitality of your trees.





How do we approach tree advice?


Our approach is based on scientifically substantiated knowledge, methods and practices from contemporary tree care.

Combined with a sincere commitment to preserving natural balance and sustainability.

Whether it concerns periodic tree maintenance, diagnosis and treatment of diseases? Or tree advice about planting new trees?

We always strive to provide solutions that not only address your immediate needs, but also safeguard the future of our green heritage.

Sustainable in other words.

Read further through this page to find out more about how we can assist you with expert tree advice for the preservation of your trees, in different situations.

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to make informed decisions. And to ensure a greener, healthier garden, public environment and world.

At b‑Tree, our commitment goes beyond just trees. We cherish the connections between people and nature.

Discover how expert tree advice can make the difference. And how you too can contribute to a sustainable future.

Together we create one habitat in which trees thrive and flourish. That suddenly makes it even better cost-friendly to maintenance.

Take today Contact us and let us guide you on the journey to vibrant greenery and blossoming trees.



Discover the secret behind healthy and safe trees


What tree advice can you contact us for?


With us you will find expert tree advice for all your tree-related needs.

Our expertise includes a wide range of services focused on the health, vitality, sustainability and safety of trees.

Are you looking for tree advice to improve the condition and vitality of trees, such as... growth site improvement?

Or to a complete one redesign of the growing area with or without underground growing area constructions? Or even tree advice for it making your garden climate-proof with a focus on ease of maintenance?

We are always there for you.



Tree advice for your garden


One of our specialties is the integration of tree advice with garden advice to transform your garden into a... climate adaptive en low maintenance garden.

We also offer expertise in tree advice for protecting trees on construction sites and real estate projects.

Our service includes drawing up a thorough and clear Tree Effect Analysis (BEA) and a tree protection plan.

Consider innovative solutions such as underground growing areas, which allow you to make optimal use of the available space, both above ground and underground, without endangering the health of the tree.

This ensures that the tree can grow into a full-fledged tree for the future.

And does the tree advice concern small or large trees? tree condition, vitality, or transplanting and pruning trees? Or do you need tree advice for a sick tree, a veteran tree, a monumental tree, or for landscaping?

We are here to help you.



To whom does b‑Tree provide tree advice?


Our services are available to landscape contractors, private individuals, companies and real estate developers.

Our tree advice service offers you passionate and technical tree advice to keep your trees in top condition.

So don't hesitate to contact us and ask your questions.

We are there for you with the knowledge and dedication that your trees deserve.




How do we go about providing tree technical advice?


First we listen carefully to your question or challenge. We try to get the clearest possible picture of the current situation and the end goal you wish to achieve. We will then conduct research so that we can map out the best route for you and the trees.

In order to have as much accurate data as possible to formulate well-considered tree technical advice, we collect and place the necessary information in various ways:

Now that we have received a good overview of the situation and the possibilities, we are only starting our tree technical analysis and formulating the best possible solutions. And in the interim periods, we will keep you informed and hold structured consultations. All these matters (information, analyzes and advice) are neatly detailed in a tree technical report.



Tree advice in an extensive and clear tree report


Do you need to be documented in a project? Do you need a reference book to monitor the status of the trees over the years? Or do you need evidence in a legal procedure? In all these cases we can as Tree Manager provide an appropriate report. The tree advice is tailor-made and what it should be used for.

With an extensive report, the trick is to provide the reader with the necessary information very quickly. So that it doesn't get lost in the details. That is why we provide a clear and good structure to our advisory reports and reports. And the conclusion is clear and based on facts and tree knowledge such as biology, morphology, physiology and tree dynamics.

Of course, an extensive tree report is not always necessary. Sometimes it can be done without or with a limited report. That also takes care of b‑Tree Tree Care in front of.

Report of tree advice after visual inspections and further investigations

Report on tree advice for monumental and veteran trees in a large park garden. The report clearly displays all research, research results and tree advice.



Tree advice with a focus on ecologically responsible long-term strategy


Ecological suddenly also means a beautiful aesthetic end result for trees.

When providing tree advice, we focus as: Certified Tree Manager always on an ecologically responsible long-term solution for your trees. And to keep your trees for as long as possible. In a healthy way, so that the trees have as little chance of damage as possible. And that they remain as vital as possible. With a beautiful aesthetic view.

In case of damage, diseases or pests, have the correct diagnosis made and the right tree advice given. Then you know that the right remedy and solution will be provided.

All too often, completely wrong interventions are made that worsen the problem. And additionally shorten the lifespan of the tree.

To give just one example: when branch dieback occurs at the top of the crown, some claim that pruning is necessary. On the contrary. Branch death occurs due to problems with the quality of the growing area. Either too wet, or insufficient oxygen in the soil due to soil compaction, or insufficient space for root penetration. Pruning is then not the right remedy. Well the tackle a growing area and improve its quality. Removing the dead wood can be done, but it must be done correctly. By breaking the branches, but not by sawing them off while pruning.



Tree technical advice for trees with problems

Dissolve it ecologically, not with spraying agents


The same applies to attacks by insects or parasitic fungi. Some use sprays to supposedly solve the problem.

Nothing is worse than that.

The use of spraying agents is unacceptable and it threatens the ecosystem of the tree species. The use of spraying agents will weaken and degrade the tree even more.

Here too, two examples: attack by a bark beetle or a fungus. Not using sprays to kill the bark beetle or fungus will help your tree.

The right tree advice is to support and improving the quality of the growing area. This will help your tree. Because the better the quality of the growing area, the more ectomycorrhiza-forming symbionts are present in the soil. And the more soil life there is. And the better the tree is supplied with moisture, nutrients and natural fungicides and defense substances. Spraying agents, on the other hand, destroy soil life, which weakens the tree even more.



Why is soil life important for a tree?


Many of the problems that trees exhibit above ground (and also underground) have to do with poor quality growing habitat.

Trees look radiant when they can grow in good, life-filled soil.

To maintain or restore the quality of the soil, you can count on tree advice from us Certified Tree Manager.

All too often, mistakes are made in gardens during construction and maintenance that seriously damage the natural habitat for soil life.

We inventory the problems, explain them to you and provide the right tree advice.

And if the quality of the growing area must be improved This can be done by applying a thin layer of compost and adding a thin layer of partially decomposed wood chips. This organic material creates a habitat for fungi, earthworms, woodlice and the soil life of billions of bacteria and archaea (single-celled organisms), nematodes and protozoa. And then they come naturally.

And if you want to develop a tree in a heavily civilized environment, without sacrificing too much space above ground, you can use a underground growth site design and growth site construction use the bottom correctly twice. With a future for the tree.

Ours also gives here certified tree manager you the right tree advice.



Prevent long-term problems with trees


Problems with trees, such as deterioration and death, entail costs. Especially if you have to fell the tree and replace it by planting a new tree.

Due to one incorrect intervention, for example the pruning Too large a branch can trigger the years-long process of deterioration of your tree.

Or by one ABC tree to prune at the wrong time, for example in the spring, so that it starts to bleed. With all its consequences.

Therefore, please consider seeking assistance by b‑Tree Tree Care for correct tree technical advice.

You can prevent so many problems in the long term.



Tree advice for tree protection


Tree advice for protection of the tree, roots and soil


Construction or renovation plans on a site with beautiful or monumental trees? It is best to protect them in a timely manner against construction damage, so that you do not lose them.

Heavy traffic or digging damages the roots. Not only directly, but also by compacting the soil, causing a lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen causes weakening of the tree and death of the tree's roots. This will cause root rot to occur over time and you may lose the tree.

Excavation work causes direct mechanical damage. The tree suddenly receives much less water, fewer nutrients, less oxygen, has lost many sugars stored in the roots and can therefore die very quickly. Only limited root loss is acceptable and the tree can overcome this in the long term. Even trees with good vitality will not survive major root damage.


Lack of tree protection has led to major root damage

Because there is none tree protection was provided during this construction site, the roots of both trees were dug away on either side. The bottom is also severely damaged. The damage assessment for these trees is very high.



Only limited damage can mean the loss of the tree


Only limited damage needs to be done and the long-term appearance of the tree will completely change.

Top death, root rot, wind throw or another problem then occurs.

So avoid mechanical damage to the roots at all times. As a lack of oxygen in the soil.

So that your tree stays healthy.

This can only be done in case of temporary or limited oxygen deficiency popping of the bottom (site improvement) the soil to be restored.

Ask for us tree advice on all these matters.

And best of all a year or even more in advance. And especially before the start of the works.

b‑Tree Tree Care offers a well-thought-out range of solutions for tree protection on construction sites.

So have your tree prepared in good time for your construction plans or renovation work. 

Prevent infections and death of your trees years later.

Also take into account the roots of the trees nearby. Mechanical root damage or lack of oxygen can also occur there due to construction or renovation work.



Tree advice for the protection of above-ground parts of trees


The tree itself can also sustain serious damage when struck by heavy machinery. Or large branches or roots that are torn off by an excavator. Because they get in the way of the works. Especially because large branches are sawn off smooth to the trunk before the start of the work so as not to form an obstacle.

This means the beginning of the final phase for the tree. And finally the loss of your tree. There is simply a much greater chance that the damage will cause the tree to become infested with a parasitic fungus. Or dies from lack of water the following summer.

Ask us for the right tree advice on how to deal with this and how it should be tackled. Sometimes right from the design phase. Both for the preparation of the root system and any necessary pruning of the crown and roots. As for the physical demarcation, signaling and preventive tree assessment. As for aftercare for the tree and... location improvement after the works.

Some works will appear to have to be adapted or even made way for the well-being of the tree. For other works, tree engineering interventions or an underground growing area design may be the solution. And to get all this done in harmony, knowledge and skills are needed. We draw up a detailed strategy for the long-term conservation of your tree and the realization of the civil works.



Prepare a tree assessment preventively


En appraise the tree in advance. If damage does occur to the tree, make sure you have a correct one damage assessment of the trees can draw up and can recover from the perpetrator. This is certainly not unimportant, because afterwards it will otherwise be difficult to talk.

We also prepare not only your tree, but also the immediate surroundings and the soil. All to prevent damage caused by excavation and earthworks.

Know that trees that are not protected during construction work weaken and are much more likely to develop storm damage.

b‑Tree Tree Care provides tailor-made tree advice. Do not hesitate to contact us in time, the earlier the better.



Advice starts with VTA check

And inspection of your trees and green areas


Is your tree fit and healthy? We climb and look, measure and check.

This is how we determine the general condition of your tree.

Problems such as dead wood and plaque, a fungal infection or wood rot? We put everything neatly on paper and we know what to do, with crystal-clear tree advice and a tailor-made treatment.

From location improvement and pop, pruning of sheets, crown or root ball anchorage, transplant, to replace, …

VTA control with attention to the future is the basis for well-founded tree advice.

When you have VTA check – or Visual Tree Assessment – we check your tree on some fixed parameters. We work carefully so that we do not damage or affect your tree. Possible diagnoses that require urgent action: instability or danger of windthrow, fungal infections or danger of trunk or branch breakage, etc.

Sometimes additional research is necessary: ​​a resistography or tensile test, a leaf or soil analysis, an acoustic tomography (more about tomography can be found on the website IML – Electronic), ... These tests all belong to non-destructive testing.

Regular follow-up is often required. For example, annually, biennially or five-yearly. Depending on the measured results.


Result of a tomography on the rootstock of a tree

In order to provide sound tree advice, the internal condition of the tree sometimes needs to be examined. This image shows the result of a tomographic examination on the trunk of a tree. The dark areas (especially on the outside) show healthy and strong wood. The lighter colors show mechanically weakened wood and the bluish colors show a hollow in the trunk of the tree.


Keep your tree stock healthy and... contact us for a VTA control.



Sustainable forest management for your park garden or private forest

We start with a thorough analysis and then provide sound advice


Large park or castle garden, forest or spacious residential garden?

That calls for tree and forest management with a long-term vision. Because that pays off for your wallet and nature.

Moreover, the priorities are ahead sustainable tree and forest management often surprising. b-Tree inventories, inspects and draws up a strategy under the guidance of a Certified Tree Manager. We will then make ready-made tree advice and planning for you forest management. You can also count on our expertise for professional execution. And benefit from it in the short and long term.

Incorrect interventions by non-experts will cost you a lot of money in the long term. Especially when we talk about large, old and valuable trees.

Create feel free to arrange a no-obligation visit to your location.



Tree advice and useful tree appraisal, valuation and damage assessment


Has your tree been damaged by third parties? Or does someone have your pruning trees without your knowledge? We will then draw up a damage assessment that is suitable for a claim.

Do you want compensation because third parties want to leave your tree sheets?

We provide one valuation. A tree appraisal which is even accepted by courts. Because our tree appraisal is done according to the Uniform Method.




Price for tree advice


The price for tree advice by Certified Tree Manager Bert Janssens is € 135 per hour (excl. VAT)*.

Due to the extensive knowledge about trees, fungi, infestations and pests, as well as the years of experience and the extensive network in the world of tree care, we can provide the first insights and tree advice in a limited time.

* Price until December 2023 – non-binding price – ask price for each specific situation.




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