Cleaning up storm damage from a tree
Cleaning up storm damage from a tree. Installing telescopic crane.
Securing a fallen tree to a crane
Lifting out the fallen tree

Cleaning up storm damage from a tree



Storm damage from a tree? b-Tree tidies everything up neatly


Has a tree fallen or been uprooted; We ensure that the storm damage is cleaned up neatly and safely. Even if you have storm damage from a neighbor's tree.

Or was a tree blown over during a strong wind or due to parasitic infestation? You can also count on us to tidy everything up.

contact us rest assured. In any case, we will first consult with you. Also with your neighbors if you wish. This way we can clean up storm damage correctly and safely. read why you should choose b-Tree Tree Care.

Urgent call, please call us immediately: +32 472 77 83 21


storm damage tree cleanup - tree fallen on wall


crown of tree fallen on veranda


We always wish to serve you in the most cost-friendly manner possible.

Also for the urgent sheets of pruning of a dangerous tree you can always rely on us.

When cleaning up the storm damage, we will... chopping branches and remove the chopped wood. We have three different choppers available so that we can use our machines at all locations, small and large.

Do you have storm damage due to a fallen tree from the municipality? And is it located in your garden or on your property? You can also count on our services to clean up the storm damage.

Contact us to have your storm damage cleaned up or your tree cleaned up after the storm: 0495 – 53 60 80 of 0472 – 77 83 21.



Blown over tree, fallen tree, branches or crown parts broken off?

b-Tree cleans up everything after the storm


It is not always the case that your entire tree has been blown over or fallen after the storm. It often happens that there is damage in the crowns of your trees. And heavy branches have been torn out or fallen out. Or that an entire crown part has been torn out.

We are also your best partner here. To professionally remove the damage and offer you the best care for your trees.


Site situation during the removal of storm damage from the tree

Situation during clean-up of the storm damage.



Site situation after cleaning up storm damage from a tree

Situation after cleaning up the storm damage.


If only parts of the crown are torn from the tree, the tree is often not lost. But by planting the tree correctly pruning and removing the dangerous branches or severely damaged crown parts, the tree can subsequently develop a new crown part. So that the tree comes back into balance (regeneration principle).

For this you can count on our extensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of trees. To just pruning and to act in function of the well-being of your tree. So that you can keep it for a long time after storm damage.

This pruning then takes place at the moment of force majeure itself. But maybe this doesn't coincide with the moment when it is best to prune a tree. However, safety for the environment and possible passers-by is of course paramount here.



The right advice for your tree after the storm


Parasitic fungal infections can be activated when a tree is damaged by storms. Expert knowledge is needed to slow down these possible parasitic fungal infections for as long as possible. To preserve your tree for as long as possible after a storm, b-Tree Tree Care is the right place for this expert tree advice.

Bert Janssens is a passionate tree and mushroom lover. Also a graduate or Certified Tree Manager. He is very concerned with fungi and the cooperation of fungi with trees. And what this means for your tree in the long term, so that it suddenly gives you the right thing advice can give.

Contact us for the best solution if the tree is not completely lost after a storm and for cleaning up after a storm: 0495 – 53 60 80



What about your “insurance”.


Never forget to take plenty of pictures of the situation. In the event of storm damage to a tree, you will probably be able to rely on your insurance. And you will need to inform your insurance company or broker. Photos are very useful and important here. Don't forget to take them yourself. But we also always take the necessary photos, which you can always freely dispose of.

Normally the costs of the clean-up works will be paid by your insurance; however, this depends from situation to situation and should be considered on a case-by-case basis. And it also depends on your insurance.



Safety comes first when clearing trees from storm damage!


Cleaning up storm damage is not without risk. And often has to be carried out in difficult circumstances. In bad weather, rain, wind, in the evening or night and therefore in poor visibility. We are extremely well organized to work with the highest standards safety to be carried out.

When cleaning up storm damage, wood must also be sawn under tension very often. Examples are stretched branches. Or trunk parts that may or may not be properly balanced on a wall or car... We are specially trained to repair storm damage to your tree or that of your neighbors safe to clean up. Without causing any more damage. And without causing additional accidents.



Safety and ECC (European Chainsaw Certificate) go hand in hand


Manager Bert Janssens is always present to clean up storm damage or clear away your tree after a storm, and has three ECC certificates and a VOL-VCA certificate.

    • ECC certificates are official certificates of competence for handling chainsaws and felling trees.
    • ECC1: chainsaw maintenance and cutting techniques for sawing wood.
    • ECC2: basic sheeting techniques.
    • ECC3: advanced felling techniques.
    • VOL-VCA: this is one safety certificate for operational managers, awarded by the Provincial Safety Institute of Antwerp. It demonstrates the competence regarding the knowledge and skills to always and in all circumstances safe to be able to work, with the ability to recognize and inventory risks, how to deal with them, what precautions to take, how to prevent an accident (however small) at all times, etc.

In addition to the abbreviation ECC (European Chainsaw Certificate), the abbreviation ECS (European Chainsaw Standard) is also used. You can consult this at



Sometimes a permit is required


Also remember that in some cases there is a permit necessary to clean up the storm damage.

If the tree has only been partially affected by storm damage and the trunk with branches still stands upright and there is no immediate danger, it is often not permitted to fell the tree without a felling permit.

However, an emergency killing due to acute danger is an exception.

Some good advice: don't try to clean up storm damage yourself felling or pruning of dangerous trees. Things can and will quickly go wrong if you are not specialized and have the necessary professional skills.



Cleaning up storm damage with a telescopic crane - we have a crane available 24 hours a day


If we are going to remove large parts of the canopy, branches or even an extremely large and thick tree or trunk from your roof, veranda or garden, we can always telescopic crane (or called telecrane).

We will only do this if it is financially more attractive than carrying out the work manually. This way our customers also save on costs.

With other words, if the commitment of the telescopic crane is cheaper because of the savings in working hours due to manpower.

We have one at all possible times telescopic crane and experienced operator available through our 1st class supplier telescopic cranes.

Use of the telescopic crane during the works. Hoisting the arborist to the crown of the tree.

Use of the telescopic crane during the works. Attaching the boom to the lifting eye of the telescopic crane.

Use of the telescopic crane during the works. Lifting the crown of a beech tree.


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