Chopping branches
Chop branches in smaller garden with small but powerful chopper

Chop branches, remove chopped wood or neatly attach them to your plants

Chopping or shredding branches


Pruning works en felling works bring a lot of wood and branches. But don't worry. We chop all branches, from small to large, as you wish.

And we have three choppers from small to large. A suitable device for every chopping job.

Both for chopping in the small city garden and for large chopping works in the forest. See how we used our demountable chopper to prune a tree in the center of Antwerp.

If you would like us to saw the thick branches and trunk wood into firewood. So you can use this for a cozy cold winter evening. Then we will do this with pleasure.

We also cut the firewood to size so that it is suitable for your stove or fireplace.

If you wish, we can feed the chopped wood between your plants in your garden. Or we suddenly blow it into a thin layer between the plants while chopping.

This is very good for the soil. In the long term it is the best food for your plants.

And it retains moisture in the soil during a hot summer period.

Also after it planting trees or shrubs, it is highly recommended to cover the ground around them with wood chips.

This will cause the improve the location of the tree. Be sure to read more about this in our about section site improvement for trees.

However, if you want us to remove everything after chopping, this is no problem.

Or we professionally remove smaller quantities with our trailer (5 m³). Or we dispose of everything with a container.



Disposal of wood and wood chippings


If it concerns larger works, we also professionally remove wood, wood chippings and green waste with our crane, sorting grab and container.

After pruning a tree and the felling of a tree, the amount of branches to be chopped is always greater than you might think at first glance. The quantity seems smaller and smaller if the tree is still standing or has not yet been pruned... Don't worry, we chop everything.

Trunk wood, branches and clearing or processing stumps? We do that too. And in different ways:

  • Chopping from branches, green waste or prunings to ground cover
  • Remove branches, wood, trunks, prunings or green waste
  • Cutting branches and trunk wood into ready-made firewood
  • Logs and prunings split into firewood
  • Milling away stumps (or stumps) and roots up to 40 cm deep
  • Digging out stumps, stumps and removing roots with the crane, sorting grab and a ripper tooth so that your site is in perfect condition. Afterwards we remove everything in a container.



Adapted choppers for every job


b-Tree Tree Care has three of its own chippers. Each of which is adapted to the most suitable working conditions.

This way we can with our Först chopper on adjustable tracks, and with removable funnel to reach hard-to-reach places. And chop branches of 15x20 cm at a high yield.

We also have two smaller Jo Beau choppers, one of which can be dismantled.

The latter is very useful for chopping branches when pruning large trees in a city garden. Because you often cannot get through the house with a regular chopper. But since our device can be disassembled in a few minutes, this is almost automatic.


Request your best price now for grinding out stumps, chopping branches, removing green waste or other work.

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