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Felling a large tree in a small city garden in Antwerp.

Tree pruning or felling price - online quote

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b-Tree is pleased to offer you a simple way to request a price, so that you can quickly find out the price for pruning or felling a tree.

That is why you can use the online form to provide your details and ask questions.



What determines the price for pruning or felling a tree?


The investment to prune or fell a tree that is free standing and easily accessible will be lower than for a tree that is in an enclosed location. For example, between buildings or outbuildings that are difficult to reach.

If all branches and twigs can fall freely without causing damage to the environment and you do not have to catch branches with a rope, the work will be done faster. And fewer working hours means a lower price.

You will also have to spend less work on a smaller tree than on it pruning a large tree.

In order to best estimate the investment you wish to make, you can freely complete the form.

If there are any questions about which you are unsure, please mention this in the “Additional information or questions” box.

You can always contact us by phone or per Email to achieve.


The price for pruning or felling a tall tree will be higher than for a small tree



What determines the price for felling a tree?

In addition to the foregoing, there is another important difference between the price of pruning a tree and felling or felling a tree.

If, when felling a tree, the firewood remains on site with the owner of the tree, then (at the time of writing) the work may be invoiced at the 6% VAT rate. Otherwise, if the wood is removed, a VAT rate of 21% applies. This obviously makes a big difference in the price of pruning or felling a tree.



What you do with the chopped wood also determines the price

Felling and pruning a tree always involves chopping the branches. If you do not have the chopped wood removed but spread it in your garden between the beds, you do not pay any deposit costs.

This makes the price for felling and pruning trees a lot lower.

Moreover, the chopped wood in your garden is free growth site improvement for your trees and plants. Because it prevents the soil from drying out and provides useful fungi and rich soil life. All necessary for healthy trees and plants.

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