Felling a large tree in a small city garden in Antwerp.

Tree pruning or felling price – Online quote



Price for tree pruning or felling, request your quote online here


b-Tree is pleased to offer you an easy way to request a quote, so that you can quickly find out the price for pruning or felling a tree. That is why we have provided an online form where you can provide all your details and ask questions.



The price depends on the location and size of the tree


The investment to prune or fell a tree that is free and easily accessible will be lower than a tree that is enclosed between buildings and that is difficult to reach.

If all branches can fall freely without causing damage to the environment and no branches have to be caught with a rope, the work will be done faster. And fewer working hours means a lower investment. A smaller tree will also require less work than a large tree.

In order to best estimate the investment you wish to make, we ask you to complete the quotation form below as completely and accurately as possible. However, if there are any questions about which you are unsure, please indicate this in the “Additional information or questions” box.

You can always contact us reachable by telephone or email.

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